Thursday, April 21, 2011

Modest Mouse - Good News!!!

Yaaaaay! Who would have thought. These popped up some days ago in some US online stores. Now they're all over amazon. I must say I was disappointed by The Moon and Antarctica's remastered sound for the anniversary reissue. Makes me wanna spill out the what's-with-the-remastering rant all over again. I thought it sounded too sterile. Too much high frequency boost.

Anyway the record they did after TMAA might actually even be better. It definitely is as good. Great tunes. I have regretted many times not buying this when it first came out, instead I thought before I own TMAA I don't need to get any other Modest Mouse vinyl. Well, now it's here. So yay again! An unspectacular, unanncounced repress by Sony, like in the old days. Thanks Padro for the heads up by the way.

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