Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pulp - Different Class

The other great Pulp album has finally gotten its deserved vinyl reissue. I received mine today with mixed feelings. The first and second presses featured a cut out sleeve and six full sized colour cards with which the cover could be toggled to show twelve different pictures. The sleeve had silver ink print and the first press had the logo embossed. Now I sold my copy (the second press) because the sound of the record was too thin and presence-emphasized for me to enjoy it. (Similar to my feelings about the recent Moon and Antarctica reissue).
Now the Dutch vinyl reissue label Music on Vinyl offers a high-priced (25 Euros) reissue. While everything about the printwork looks almost as bad as a random bootleg's would (looks like someone scanned the original artwork including the lyrics and re-printed them, also there is no silver prints), the vinyl sounds much better than the 2004(?) reissue's. Fuller and closer to the CD, which in this case is a plus. I regret selling the old copy a little bit (not for the price I got for it though) but I'm glad I can finally listen to these songs with the satisfaction that they deserve.