Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pearl Jam - Vitalogy

Am I really going to feature Pearl Jam here? Yes I am. Pearl Jam. I used to hate them, not so much for their music but for every goddamn wannabe rock singer in the nineties who tried to sound like Eddie Vedder, pressing the words out of their stomach like they were about to to shit the biggest crap in the world (Bono?)

Anyway, in 1994 I wasn't all that interested in grunge, I listened to Dookie and Weezer's blue album all the time, grunge kind of bored me. Too slow. So I admit I didn't pay attention to Vitalogy. Which is actually pretty cool album. I saw them live on a festival some time ago and they rocked pretty straight. And this record is like their "fuck you" answer to having become a mainstream rock band. Pretty decent if you ask me. Now the reissue is out, super cool double vinyl with printed sleeves and a special surface on the outer sleeve. I'm going to get one of these.